About Us

The story began in 2003, when two sisters Leenah and Hind Alshaya couldn’t find what to wear to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan. As It is a custom that Muslim women prepare yearly their most beautiful Kaftans and dresses in anticipation of the holiest month of the year Ramadhan.

The idea began in 2003, when the sisters realized the need for unique and original designs that reflect their personalities during this special season, that was the launch of the brand LEENODA which is a hybrid name of both Leenah and Hind (nicknamed NODA), the founders of the brand.The owners of LEENODA then dedicated their passion for fashion and culture by starting with confidence.

For their first year, they specialized in made to order kaftans that were a great success. They then, in 2004, opened their first physical store where they sold kaftans and ready to wear apparel designed by Leenoda.

In 2014 the brand launched their first custom made materials exclusively designed for the brand. Leenoda is thriving and still getting more recognition in the market and reaching not only GCC but worldwide as well.